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VELTIA V7 Ion Shield Hand dryer

VELTIA V7 Ion Shield Hand dryer

  • Emit 20 million of negative ions per cm3
  • Drying system with 300 holes
  • Capable to dry your hands in 10-12 seconds
  • Veltia’s hand dryers have continuous, long-lasting and effective antimicrobial protection
  • Available in 12 colors
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VELTIA V7 Ion Shield hand dryer is synonym of hygieneThe application of this technology to the hand dryers is one of the most revolutionary advances in the sector in recent times, with Veltia being the first company to incorporate this technology. It not only improves the hygiene of hand drying, but it also acts as a cleaner and purifier of the air in the bathroom or space where it is located.  The V7 Ion Shield dryers emit 20 million of negative ions per cm3; these attract the dirt and polluting particles, which when glued together, are precipitated by the effect of gravity. Hand dryer with this system is able to clean the air of bacteria, mites and bad odors, achieving a much cleaner and more pleasant environment. 

Thanks to its patented anti-splash system, which works by applying micro-currents of air at high speed, it makes the water come off the hands in a minimum time, of only 10-12 seconds, without the need to move themThe V7 Ion Shield hand dryer includes 1 brush that helps highlighting the drainage system, thus facilitating its maintenance.

VELTIA Ion Shield is an innovative hand dryer that operates without heating element. It operates automatically when putting your hands in the drying chamber. It works based on high speed air flow, allowing dry your hands in a very short time leaving on the skin a nice feeling of massage.

Besides a great effectiveness, VELTIA includes a bad scents elimination system thanks to ZEROSMELL (sold separatly). Optional: Hepa Filter H13 (total retention ≥99.5%)

Housing case and water tank made of High impact 2.6 mm thick ABS with antibacterial protection in drying area.

VELTIA V7 Ion Shield is ideal for washrooms with medium and high number of users per day.


  • Material - High impact ABS with antibacterial protection in drying area
  • ColourAvailable in 12 colors
  • Water tray - Yes
  • Drying time (s) - 10-12 s
  • Sound level (dB) (2m in front of the appliance) - 70
  • Outlet air speed (km/h) - 370
  • Safety in case of malfunction - Yes
  • Electrical Isolation - Class ll 
  • Vandal-safe - Yes
  • Antibacterial treatment - Yes
  • Power Consumption (W) - 1760
  • Voltage - 220-240V
  • Frequency (Hz) - 50
  • Detection type - IR - Barrier
  • Number of Motors - 2
  • Motor speed (rpm) - 30000
  • Dimensions - Height - 617 mm | Width - 300 mm | Depth - 195 mm
  • Weight (kg) - 9.550


  • Aluminium Mate
  • Aluminium Silver
  • Atlantic Blue
  • Black
  • Champagne
  • Deep Blue
  • Pumpkin
  • Red Bordeaux
  • Red Cherry
  • Red F1
  • Sky Blue
  • Snow White


Veltia hand dryers are endorsed by Microban® International, Ltd., which is global leader in products with antimicrobial protection incorporated.

This technology is incorporated in Veltia’s products during their manufactoring process to inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria and mold, that can cause stains, bad smells and the deterioration of a product.

The Microban® technology can be applied in a wide range of materials: polymers, fabrics, coatings, paper and adhesives.

The Microban® brand guarantees that Veltia’s hand dryers have continuous, long-lasting and effective antimicrobial protection, which will provide a superior level of defense against harmful microbes throughout the life of the product.

Microban protected


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