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Pager SMADIO SP-300F

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Designed for the Wrist-watch Pager
With the wrist strap, the staffs can easily see the messages without any interferences.

Slim Design
For ideal diameter of wrist, the back of pager body is designed slim, curvy and very comfortable to wear.

Bright LED Backlight
LED backlight illuminates the display making it easier to read the messages at night time.

Long Battery Life
If you worry about the battery life of pagers, choose SP-300F which work 4 weeks as standby mode only with a AAA alkaline battery.

Alert Mode
For the notification of calls, sound and vibrations alerts are supported.

Support for Group Calls
Easy to allocate calls to staff group by CapCode.

Multi-button Bell
Beside one-button call bell, it support for three-button bell such as “Call, Bill, and Cancel”.

Time Mode
Pager supports for time (hh:mm) mode.

Compatible with SCM-1320p and SCM-1310p main units
Note: Not compatible with SVS-Series.
Maximum store 15 messages
Maximum 12 characters in each messages
LCD display 7 characters
Duplicate message indication
Unread message indication
3 alarm modes ( sound/vibration/mute)


Body : Black/PC
Top Sticker : Silver
Wrist Strip : Black/Urethane


Physical Dimensions
Body : 43H x 45W X 14D(18.4D) mm

75g (without battery)

Display Screen
7 characters, numeric + icons
LED backlit

Mode Button
List Button
Power Button

Rx Frequency Band


AAA Size 1.5V x 1

Battery Life
21 days ( Working 8 hours in a day)

Operating Range
Temperature Range : -10℃ to 50℃ for 1 hour
Humidity Range : 95% relative humidity for 4 hours

RF Certifications

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