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SOLT Repeater SR100

SOLT Repeater SR100

SKU: SR100

  • A modern design and a large radius of signal coverage.
  • It is possible to mount the repeater on the wall.
  • Sensor, moisture resistant panel.
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SOLT Repeater SQ100

It is a part of a wireless paging system that is used in restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, hospitals and etc. where Guest Pager is required for customers to wait.
SOLT Repeater SQ100 is used to increase the distance of the signal transmission. Must be installed between the signal transmitter and the pagers.

One-way wireless paging method using close-range wireless communication
It supports TXID, frequency change setting, and can be used simultaneously in adjacent places of business without interference.


Frequency: 433 - 434 MHZ
Freq Stability: ± 10ppm
Data Rate: 1200 bps
Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz
Modulation: FSK (±3KHz)
RF Output Power: 10 mW (Max)
Power Supply: DC 12V, 1A Adapter
Antenna: Built-in Helical

Length - 21 cm
Height - 9 cm
Width - 3,3 cm
Weight - 0.237 kg

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SOLT Guest Paging system

User Manual

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