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Euro Coaster Pager

Euro Coaster Pager


A favourite with water themed parks. Water splash resistant with a rubber bumper edge.

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Efficiently manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting ambience with the Euro Coaster Pager. These sleek pagers feature an LED screen and can vibrate, flash and beep when notifications are received. With Smart Alerts, Out-of-range and Search ensures guest contact and minimises pager loss. They also have a 72-hour standby capacity and up to 2 miles site coverage. Customers no longer have to wait for their number to be called and help businesses with operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

Durable for high-volume use, they're designed with industry-leading performance in mind. The Euro Coaster Pager is very rugged, with industry leading technology on the inside and a durable casing that features a 360 degree rubber bumper that will absorb shock on impact. The Euro Coaster Pager was designed to not only withstand shock, but to also provide additional water resistance.

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