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Transmitter / receiver SMADIO SCM-1320P

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Paging Message to Staffs
SCM-P series Monitor can send the instant message to the staffs who have the SB-300F pagers on their wrist.

1,000 units of High Capacity
Up to 1,000 units of wireless bells can be registered into the single SCM moniotor.
SCM series monitors have the enough memory size to store the 1,000 units of Bell's 8bit ID.

High Visible and Audible Alert Functions
When the bells are pressed, the main unit displays the call number on the FND(Flexible Numeric Display) screen, and alerts by 20 sounds.

Baseless Design
Baseless front screen looks like clean and wider. Compatible with SB-10, SB-100 and SB-300 bells When these devices work with SMADIO bells, it can receive radio signals from wireless bells and transmit them to pagers wore by staff.

USB Interface
Via USB interface, the call data can be saved and monitored by PC software.

Stand-alone Device
For the configurations such as adding and deleting the call bells, it does not need any additional devices. With 6 control buttons, all configurations and functionalities can be set without help of personal computers.



Physical Dimensions:
260(W) × 142(L) × 40(H)mm


6 control buttons

Frequency Band / Modulation:
RX : 433.92MHz (ASK) (Bell to Monitor)
TX : 433.92MHz (FSK) (Monitor to Pager)

RX Rod Antenna
TX Rod Antenna

SCM-2230 – 2 digits three FNDs
SCM-2320 – 3 digits two FNDs

DC 12V/500mA

USB Mini B type Port

Operating Range:
Temperature Range : -10℃ to 50℃ for 1 hour
Humidity Range : 95% relative humidity for 4 hours

RF Certifications:

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