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SOLT Call ID Display (Receiver) SM3-23PC

SOLT Call ID Display (Receiver) SM3-23PC


  • 3-screen 2-digit display.
  • Call-cancel functionality.
  • Possibility to register up to 1000 bells.
  • Signal reception range up to 200 meters. Can be increased with SR5-BPR signal repeaters
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SOLT Call ID Display (Receiver) SM3-23PC

SM3 series receivers, like all SOLT wireless communication equipment, operate in their protected frequency range, which increases the reliability of signal reception compared to analogues. The display screen of the SM3-23PC simultaneously displays three received calls ID numbers, which can be composed of numbers and letters. The receiver stores up to 20 calls ID.
The maximum number of registered bells in the receiver - 1000 pcs. Multiple call buttons with the same number (name) can be registered. An individual ringtone can be assigned to each bell ID. You can choose from 22 melodies.
With the help of a simple and convenient configuration wizard, you can easily register call bells and make other settings.
Under ideal conditions, the signal reception range is up to 200 meters. SR5-BPR model signal repeaters can be used to increase the coverage radius of the system. There is no limit to the quantity.


Frequency: 433.0500 ~ 434.7900 , 447.8625 ~ 447.9875 MHz
Freq Stability: ± 10ppm
Data Rate: 1800 bps
Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz
Modulation: FSK (±3KHz)
RF Output Power: 10 mW (Max)
Sensitivity: -118dBm (at 12dB)
Power Supply: DC 12V, 1A adapter
Antenna: Built-in Helical


Length - 288 mm
Height - 133 mm
Width - 40 mm
Weight - 0,576 kg

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